G.I.V.E. Profile

Baby Boomers:MWM-7

People between ages 45 and 70 may benefit most from the G.I.V.E. strategy.

Appreciated Assets:

If you have appreciated securities or if you got an inheritance, or perhaps you have real estate or a business you’re planning to sell, or a rental property, or maybe you’ve just been a good saver in addition to your retirement plans, you could be a good candidate for the G.I.V.E. program. 

Charitably Inclined:

Perhaps you have volunteered at a hospital or soup kitchen. Maybe you feel good when you give money to your alma mater or to your religious organization. Possibly you’ve felt you just can’t afford to give a lot to charities because it will negatively impact your retirement or leave less to your children. We can help you put together a plan that could be profoundly meaningful to you and, at the same time, may positively impact your retirement and estate plan. 


The G.I.V.E. strategy is designed to work over time. The longer you live, the more the benefits may accrue.