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Unconvential Process. Evidence-based Results.
Unconventional Process
Macro Wealth Management
Evidence-Based Results

LEAP Live 2016

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Location: Orlando, FL

All Day


Since 1980, Leap has identified one’s “Maximum Potential” as the way we should always look at how money operates, as well as our ability as a financial professional. By putting in place the proper Process and applying determined and iterative Practice we are all capable of reaching the highest pinnacle of our industry. While the definition of what that means to each of us may be different, having the tools, confidence and support to make it happen is the Leap way. We seek to:

  • Provide you more consistency and guidance over your career to help achieve success
  • Test optimal results incrementally, rather than waiting to see if it all works out in the end
  • Provide easy to understand rules and methods that lead to clear objectives versus “hopes and dreams”