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Nik Adams

Nik Adams

Investment Advisor Representative

After fifteen years of partnering with small businesses to develop marketing initiatives, my passion was evident—I love helping people. That might sound cliché, but it’s the truth. My decade in media management enabled me to build leadership skills and make meaningful connections. When it came time for me to leave the industry, I knew I wanted my next endeavor to combine my passion for helping people with my passion for family. Financial advising is the perfect fit.

Now I have the flexibility to do more family activities—like cheering on my three kids playing baseball, softball, and bagpipes—and love meeting my clients where they are in their lives. As an advisor, I connect with people, ask engaging questions to identify their unique needs, and guide them in making financial decisions that allow them, like me, to pursue their passions. 

Clients tell me I put them at ease while fostering understanding. I look at what I do now as more of a True Wealth Mentorship.  I believe that true wealth is more than financial; it’s about building a happy, value-centered life and making meaningful contributions to our communities. I seek to do that while helping others do the same. My wife and I worked with two different advisors before meeting Tim Streid at Macro Wealth Management. He showed us what it's like to find a true partner in an advisor, and it’s that same partnership mentality I apply to my own client relationships. 

My parents never talked with me about money, and I realize now that’s because we didn’t have much. Today, my wife and I talk openly with our kids about money and their financial futures because we want them to feel empowered, to have knowledge and confidence. It’s that same knowledge and confidence I seek to instill in my clients; I want them to feel financially empowered at every stage of life. I want you to feel financially empowered. 


So what are your next steps? Where do you begin? I’m here to support you as we answer those questions together. I want to meet you and your family wherever you are on your personal financial journey - and there is no better time for financial planning than right now!

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