• Coordination

    The financial relationship between one asset and another.

  • Macro Manager™

    A person who uses a holistic strategic approach versus one who uses a linear single-need approach.

  • Micro-Financial

    The study of one element contained within a personal economic model.

  • No Additional Out-of-Pocket Outlay

    Not having to outlay any additional money from earned income beyond what one is currently spending.

  • No Additional Risk

    Not adding more financial risk to one's overall current risk tolerance. The intent of LEAP® strategies is to maintain or reduce financial risk.

  • Performance Beyond Needs and Goals

    A philosophy that one should not stop building additional financial assets just because one is on target or has already met their stated financial needs and goals.

  • Present Financial Position

    The current state of one's personal financial situation.

  • Strategy Worksheet

    A worksheet showing the Leap Model® where internal, external, and coordination design functions are performed.

  • Wealth Building

    The financial process designed to obtain an increase in assets and benefits over a period of time.

  • Wealth Conservation

    The financial structure used to protect one's assets from erosion due to income taxes, estate taxes, lawsuit, market declines, illiquidity, disability, illness, and other financial problems.

  • Macro-Financial

    The study of the overall aspects of all financial elements in a personal economic model.

  • Lost Opportunity Cost

    In LEAP, it is the amount of money that is spent and lost by an individual as a result of owning a particular asset or by using a particular financial strategy.

  • Enjoyment of Wealth

    The spending of one's assets for needs, wants, or desires.

  • External Design

    The study of the efficient and effective flow of money into and out of the assets a person owns within the Leap Model.

  • Economic Life Value

    The economic worth of a person generally associated with the ability to earn income and produce assets over a future period of time.

  • Ideal Strategy

    The strategy using the same assumptions of the client's present financial position, but without taxes or inflation.

  • Increase in Money Supply

    The difference between the amounts of money one will have in one specific financial strategy compared to another.

  • Integration

    The movement of money from one asset to another that seeks increases in the future money supply and provides additional protection benefits.

  • Internal Design

    Selecting and structuring any given financial product or service to work more efficiently and/or more effectively.

  • LEAP®

    The Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process, which forms the word “LEAP” as an acronym.

  • Leap Model™

    A diagram that contains all financial products and strategies related to Protection, Savings, and Growth that are positioned in a hierarchical value structure along with Debt and Cash Flow.

  • Wealth Distribution

    The transfer of one's wealth to oneself or others so it can be spent and enjoyed for personal needs, wants, and desires.

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