About Us

Who is Macro Wealth Management:

Dr. Mart McClellan and Tim Streid are presidents of Macro Wealth Management.  Our firm’s niche is the dental and medical profession.  Our firm is very unique because Mart is a practicing orthodontist as well as an advisor and Tim has a strong professional background as a CPA and he is an advisor as well.   Their knowledge and experience creates a lot of trust for our clients all over the United States, which is extremely important.

Mart and Tim utilize an economically based financial model to create short and long-term strategies for the future.  The foundation of our success is the use of an economic model that is based on economic principles and NOT opinions.  We are the only dental-focused firm in the country who uses this model.  We would really enjoy the opportunity to show you what we do and how we work with clients all over the Unites States.


Our Story:

Mart started his financial journey in the early 1990’s in the traditional way. He spent thousands of dollars to get a three-ring binder full of mostly boiler-plated financial planning information. It was essentially worthless because there was no incentive to implement the plan. Once the planner had his money, he was gone and Mart's plan was not implemented efficiently. Then, fortunately, Mart was referred to Tim by a dental colleague.

Tim has been Mart's personal advisor—and now partner— ever since. The McClellan family has experienced first-hand what this powerful financial process is all about. We feel it is important as advisors that if we are going to walk the walk, then we have to talk to the talk.

Tim and Mart started Reality Financial Group in 2002 to bring this information to health professionals. Having a dentist who is also an advisor sets us apart from almost every other advisory group because he walks in the shoes of a practicing dentist. Being a member of the dental profession provides additional benefits that cannot be found in a traditional planning company.

This unique collaboration has enabled us to lecture to dental schools, regional meetings, hospitals, study clubs and more. We have also been asked to be on the advisory board on Mentor Magazine, a publication for the advancing dentist. We have also written numerous articles in Dentist's Money Digest on personal finance.


Our Philosophy:

At Macro Wealth Management we are committed to helping you throughout your entire financial life.

Your circumstances certainly change over time, so it's only logical that your financial strategies should adapt as well. We take the time to get to know you and specifically identify what it is that you and your family value most. With this knowledge, we then work with you to develop a custom approach and position your financial model so that you are situated with the best possible opportunity to achieve financial success.

The Main Cause of Financial Struggle is Fear and Ignorance, Not the Economy, Government or the Rich.


Unique Positioning Statement

Unconventional Process, Evidence-Based Results – Macro Wealth Management is a comprehensive financial services firm that is committed to providing our clients with the clearest path to their financial well-being. Through a verifiable process that focuses on financial strategies, not products, Macro Wealth Management specializes in working with individuals to accumulate, preserve, and enjoy their wealth.

As a client of Macro Wealth Management, we will develop customized strategies according to your professional financial wants and desires, utilizing an economic model and a disciplined academic approach to passive money management. Macro Wealth Management’s unique methodology provides our clients with piece of mind in the ever changing financial world.